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Comic Discussion Post [CLOSED]

NOTE: This discussion post is closed. Go HERE for the new discussion post.

Use this post for discussion of Minna's comics! Feel free to post about the most recent SSSS updates, or about earlier developments. aRTD discussion is also allowed here.

Discussion does not have to be limited to the comic itself; if you just want to gush about how hot Sigrun is, or open up a thread for fanwork prompt requests, or discuss SSSS/aRTD in the context of multifandom fanwork exchanges, that's okay too!

In order to easily see the most recent posts, I suggest using Flat View.

✻ Please keep in mind the community's rules. Be reasonable to each other and choose not to warn apply here just as much as everywhere else in the community.
✻ Anon posting is allowed, but not required.
✻ As with everywhere else, admins reserve the right to adjust the rules and enforce them as needed.
✻ Keep the discussion on topic. A bit of drift is okay; it happens. But keep the main focus on SSSS and aRTD, please.

Flat view - 1st page: http://ssss.dreamwidth.org/1357.html?view=flat#comments
Flat view - Most recent page: http://ssss.dreamwidth.org/1357.html?view=flat&page=500#comments
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✻✻✻ Prompt/Kink threadWIPsPrompt Generator ThreadBeta Requests

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