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Détente [aRTD Fanfic]

Title: Détente
Characters/Pairing: Joona/Hannu
Length: 500 words
Rating: 13+
Summary: Joona changes his tactics, and advances - and after a while, Hannu yields.
Content notes: N/A
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"You've got to chill out, man."

Lips by his ear. Fingertips sliding along his shoulders, strong, pressing through the fabric of his thin t-shirt. Hannu closes his eyes. Sets the bag of coffee down on the countertop.

"Says who?"

"I do. Look, you're all tense."

Those seeking hands drift, move, find a knot and work at it. Hannu bites at his lip. It has been a long day. He expected to come home alone, get away from everyone, have some peace to himself. That is not what happened."Fuck you," he mutters, the words more like a sigh.

He could turn, could shove him away. But he doesn't.

"Nah." Lips grazing along his jaw. Joona's hair is loose and the strands are soft against Hannu's neck. "You know, your comebacks really suck."

The hands drop. Long arms loop around Hannu's waist from behind. After a moment, Hannu allows himself to fall back, to lean against him. He knows this battle. It's a different kind than what they usually do, the fights that end in bruises and scratches and one of them pinned against the nearest flat surface.

He knows he's losing.

As his teeth bite down, clenching tight, Hannu tries to think of something to say that won't sound like surrender. Won't sound like acceptance.

The body behind him is sturdy and warm, just like the long-fingered hands that slide until they come to rest. One at his hip. The other with fingers brushing just above his belt.

He can't think of anything.

Hannu turns his head, and kisses him, and gives in, and gives up.

Later, Joona brings it up again, after he's made his point, after the kisses and the hands and the way he holds him. Wrists to mattress. Mouth against mouth. They wring each other out in the afternoon's light with the sun's warmth spilling in through the parted curtains. Hannu's curses are endless and Joona swallows every single word.

"You should learn to relax a little," Joona says when it's all over. His voice has a laugh in it, because he knows that he's won.

Hannu groans under the pressure of strong hands on his shoulders, fingers worrying the knots to nothingness. He doesn't reply, because arguing would only encourage him. Instead he stays as he is, face-down on the mattress, Joona's weight from above holding him still as he works at him and teases the tenseness away.

Instead, he lets him talk, and listens. Closes his eyes and lets the sound of Joona's voice roll over him. It mixes with the rise and fall of the music from the radio and the low, lazy drone slipping in from the outside as a breeze presses at the curtains, bringing the sound of a lawnmower and the scent of cut grass with it.

It's nice, Hannu thinks. He doesn't say this, holds it back, keeps his words to himself. Won't admit to losing.

Joona would like that too much.

It's better not to say anything at all.

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