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[News] Possible SSSS AU Visual Novel in the works

Series of tweets from Minna indicate that a sci fi AU visual novel could potentially be in the works:

I've been dreaming of making an science fiction-y AU visual novel or something with the main cast for the longest time. Just dreaming.

But after the first half of this year I've started to finally feel like my life has settled down enough that I could actually, maybe,do it.

As a side project alongside the main comic itself. Anyway, today I was thinking about it a lot and drew a slightly cyberpunkish Lalli.

So yeah, a interactive visual novel (or whatever the comic version of that would be called) might be a project I'll try my hand at soon.

Tweets: ****

It seems like the idea is kind of up in the air, still a vague maybe, but I find it intriguing nonetheless.

(Anonymous) 2016-11-11 01:34 am (UTC)(link)

Sounds like it'd be cool! I'd love to see the flavor she brings to it. Also, the reaction sprites would be super cute.