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[NEWS] City of Hunger Details

City of Hunger is the name of the SSSS SciFi AU game that was announced back in November*. There's a little bit more information about it now. Since the name is now officially announced, consider this a mod note that anything relating to the game should use the City of Hunger tag from now on.

A few details about CoH:
✻ The story is set on a faraway icy planet.
✻It will primarily be story-based, but there will be possibilities to explore the wider world.
✻ No prior knowledge of SSSS will be necessary to enjoy it; the characters are the same, but this is an entirely new take on them.
✻PC-only release (as of current plans)*

✻ On the subject of whether the game will have magic:

"No" in the traditional way, but "yes" in a mysterious-alien-forces way, and a little bit in an advanced-not-100%-realistic-technology way. So people won't be casting spells, no.

✻ Current plans are to possibly include a romance option in the relationship stats:

I'm thinking there'll be some romantic options too. The whole relationship funtionality is still in a planning stage so I'm not 100% sure on how I want it to work in relation to the story progress and such, but I do have... thoughts. And ideas. [...] it'll be a completely optional path for people who do want that. There won't be a bonus for choosing a romantic option over just building friendships, just a slight story flavour difference.*

For more information, the devlog for City of Hunger can be found over at Hummingfluff; go there for concept art, game progress, and other details. For concept art previews and blog update notifications, you can follow @hummingfluff on Twitter.

Also, according to the February 15th devlog entry, Reynir might have short hair in this game. (Very important information, of course!) I don't know about you all, but the concept art and the game previews have me tentatively interested.

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