Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 09:47 pm

It seems like I must have read more than I am remembering ... .

Anyway, I finished The Brightest Fell, by Seanan McGuire (October Daye #11), which ends pretty much on a cliffhanger. The Magic McGuffin puts Toby (mostly) back together again, but two characters she cares about very much are seriously traumatized and a slippery opponent has disappeared. Thus it goes when you are the Knight of Lost Words. My sister has suggested that I introduce my 15-year-old niece to these, and I might as well. Certainly they've kept me going for a good long while now.

I'm about three-quarters of the way through Max Gladstone's The Ruin of Angels (his new Craft novel), and I'm enjoying it immensely, despite the fact that the editor seems to have fallen down on the job. Several times, I've had to re-read sentences two or three times to make sense out of them. It's not that Gladstone blew it in any of these cases, according to the rules of grammar, but he wasn't terribly clear, and given that this is a fast-paced thriller, really, the pacing went off. Also, at one point, a character introduced as Marian becomes Miriam for a sentence, and then returns to her original name. Finally, did you know that the past tense of "sweat" (as in, what you do on a hot day, especially if you run) is also "sweat"? I, in fact, did not know that. But Gladstone does, and there's a lot of sweating going on, so I kept tripping over this.

Despite my confusion on these mechanical points, this is an awesome read. There's an extended and thrilling caper involving a Very Cool Train (making me wonder whether Gladstone has been reading Stand Still Stay Silent: see Dalahästen), and about a third of the way in, it occurred to me that all the leads, all the POV characters, and the most significant antagonist are all female, and several of them are also queer.

And Kai and Izza are back, as is Tara Abernathy. \o/

If I remember what I read between Fell and Ruin, I'll let you know.

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 07:43 am
OK, still trying to put down some thoughts on the Twin Peaks finale, but I might as well post it so I can get on with my life.

And it's with mixed feelings. Because I loved season 3 to little pieces, and that fucking ending simply won't leave me alone. So this will get long and not entirely coherent as I try to piece together what The Return and Fire Walk With Me and all that it seems to do, before I try to let it sit for a while and then do a rewatch.

The past dictates the future )
Monday, September 18th, 2017 06:57 pm
Holy shit, you know you're a lightweight when all it takes to get you flushy is a single can of cider.

OR MAYBE it's just that the fic I'm writing is Really That Hot. Yeah, let's pretend it's that.

(Hey, [personal profile] laufeyknits, I think you'll love this thing. I mean, we figured that, but... seems it'll be up your alley. Probably.)

Apparently writing This Sort Of Thing is easier after a drink or two. I've slapped down five... almost six pages in two days. Who'd have thought. (NOT ME)

Except if everything goes according to plan it'll be Really Fucking Long and oh man, I don't want to think about how much of a pain in the ass it'll be to proof this, ugh....

Oh well. LATER. I will worry about that later. Yes.
Sunday, September 17th, 2017 09:15 pm
Oh gods, please remind me to never go into a yarn store again. Yarn stores are dangerous. Very.

(But... so many lovely things....)

I'm going to go to a piano performance tomorrow! And then a string quartet performance on Wednesday! Ahhh I haven't done anything of the sort in ages, this will be so nice... It's a good thing that I packed some vaguely-presentable clothes just in case.

Also: managed to write something today. It was kind of drizzly and cold and nasty, so I spent some time slapping down words in a cafe, and turned out about 1.2k ish. Feels good! Except, I started something new, when really, I should be finishing older wips. Oops. (It's that one with Tapiotar/Vesa, and if it turns out the way I expect, it'll sure be... something. And also one of the most niche things I've ever written, but oh well. xD)
Sunday, September 17th, 2017 11:43 am

Mixture of large tomatoes (red, pink, yellow, yellow/red Tie Dye)
Red and yellow cherry tomatoes
Green beans
Yellow onions
Late yellow peaches
Bartlett pears
Fresh basil
Chicken thighs
Pork chops

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 09:54 pm
(Apologies if this posts twice; DW has been giving me tons of errors this evening.)

* Oh gods. My feet hurt. So. Bad. Not because of ill-fitting shoes; I've just done... so much walking... Damn, it's too bad I didn't take the phone with PokeGo on it; I'd have hatched a million eggs today. Upside: I did some wandering, discovered some new coffee shops away from the busiest part of downtown (and therefore more likely to be reasonably quiet), and also came across a grocery store, which certainly does mean some good things for my wallet. Mmm, fruit and granola for breakfast....

* I went to One Wave Gathering* at the legislature lawn today, and there were dance performances by various indigenous groups from the island, as well as some from the South Pacific, and it was awesome.

* Picked up a tiny cheapass sketchbook and spent some time scribbling (including while I was watching the dancers). Not actual, y'know, drawing; just some scribbly figures. It's nice. I find that if I go into things with the intent of disposing of it/recycling it after I'm finished, I enjoy it more....

* Going to go see Nomadic Tempest tomorrow evening. It's... a rock opera? Performed on a boat? Something like that. Hopefully it'll turn out to be as cool as it sounds. ;p

* I was going to write tonight, but I'm far too tired for it. ...Ordinarily I'd feel a bit bad, but I regret nothing. ;V (Well, okay, MAYBE I feel a TINY bit like a slackass for not writing anything for Synchronised Screaming two weeks in a row, but....) Hopefully I'll be able to do some scribbling tomorrow, though. The Trick or Treat signup list looks so good already, and I want to get started with writing....

* YiH: Karo showed a preview from an extra chapter* and eeeee~ <3 Ahhh Veeti's hair is doing that, you know, fwoosh, wavy thing. Loving the reminder that YiH Veeti actually is very attractive when he doesn't have that "half-dead, or maybe he just got pulled out of a swamp" sort of look goin' on... It's something that I forgot about, to the point where I even told Folie that while I love him to bits, he ain't smoochable, not so much. I CONCEDE, I take it all back, A++ would kiss.

* Imagine what a spider wearing flip flops would sound like. Just think about that for a second.
Saturday, September 16th, 2017 11:22 pm
Hello Trick or Treat Writer/Artist!

First of all: I'm not hard to please. I'm sure I'll be delighted with whatever you write or draw, so please don't stress over it. I've listed some things I love, below, but don't feel like you absolutely must be bound by these or that these are the only elements/stories I'd enjoy. If you have your own ideas, please do go with them.

General things I love:

★ relationships built on strong/intense friendship
★ strong/intense friendship in general
★ missing scenes from canon and/or reactions to canon scenes
★ all kinds of moods, from quiet to bittersweet to angsty to funny to intense to fluffy
★ slice-of-life and/or character studies
★ simple everyday non-schmoop romance
★ hurt/comfort - especially emotional wounds or injuries sustained by athletes or in combat
★ stoic characters cracking around the edges
★ casual touching and physical affection (between friends and/or romantic partners)
★ non-penetrative sex (don't feel like you have to include smut, though)
★ banter and/or banter during sex
★ autumn and/or winter themes and/or storms
★ canon compliance is great but not required
★ gen- and ship-based works are equally awesome (gen about any of my favourite characters would be lovely; I've listed pairings below, too, in case you want to go that route with either romantic/sexual or platonic relationships)

★ for Silm/LotR I also like fourth-age settings and/or reunions
★ for YOI I also like skaters on the ice together (practicing, performing, or just goofing around)
★ for SSSS I also like atmospheric creepiness and/or the aftermath of combat

★ I'm not great at prompting for art but I do love b&w or limited/muted colour palettes

★ some much-loved pairings are
      ★ Glorfindel/Erestor/Haldir in any combination, Finrod/Maglor, Aegnor/Andreth, Aredhel/Elenwë, Arwen/Tauriel
      ★ Otabek/JJ/Leo in any combination, Otabek/Yuri, Christophe/Victor, Leo/Guang-Hong/Phichit in any combination
      ★ Reynir/Onni, Emil/Lalli, Tuuri/OFC, Aksel/Sigrun


★ character bashing (breaking up a canon couple for a different ship is fine, but please don't bash and/or vilify the leftover character in the process)
★ homophobia
★ non-con, dub-con, infidelity (open relationships are fine), D/s, BDSM, kinks involving bodily fluids, humiliation, A/B/O, mpreg
★ non-canon character death (canon or OCs is fine), animal harm
★ marriage proposals and/or ceremonies
★ high school/coffeeshop/etc. AU, non-canon genders or pronouns

And that's it. I hope something sparks for you.
Saturday, September 16th, 2017 08:35 am
Damnit, I didn't need this right in all my feels about the Twin Peaks finale. 91 years is a very good run, but still.

Cool Hand Luke. Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid. Alien. Escape From New York. Red Dawn. Paris, Texas. Repo Man. (Seriously, Repo Man.) Pretty In Pink. Last Temptation of Christ. Wild At Heart. The Straight Story. INLAND EMPIRE. Big Love. The Avengers. Seven Psychopaths. And just a second ago, Twin Peaks. And even in the movies you didn't remember, you'd remember his bit.

Plus a fantastic singer and possibly just the coolest man on the silver screen in the last 50 years. For years, whenver anyone asked me my favourite actor, I'd always say Harry Dean Stanton. Pretty much nobody could ever argue with it.

Thanks, man. You did good.

Friday, September 15th, 2017 09:17 pm
WELL, here I am in Victoria. It's nice to be off the plane, let me tell you. :V

Popped into Munro's after supper... oh gods, I need to avoid going in there. The amount of books - well, not just books, but books I would actually want to read - is overwhelming. They have an entire set of bookshelves filled with poetry! Like, not just one shelf, but the whole damn rack! So much of it! Huge! Every time I go in there, my brain can't process the amount of it. Far different from back home's "half of one shelf, and half of that selection is made up of Leonard Cohen".

Discovered that Gregory Scofield has a new collection out - Witness, I Am. Had to get it, of course. AND ALSO I discovered that he'll be holding workshops at the Festival of Authors... which I am going to miss by only a handful of days, arrrrgh goddamn. If only I could extend my stay!

See, his writing means a lot to me - when I read Singing Home the Bones, it was the first time I'd come across a 21st-century poet whose work I actually liked. Before that, it was all... [/vague handwave] Epics and medieval stuff. The Harley lyrics, Homer's works, the Kalevala, Beowulf, that sort of thing. But there was something about Scofield's work, I can't put a finger on what.

So, that's a disappointment. But oh, well. Maybe some time another opportunity will present itself.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to doing glorious nothing for an entire week. It'll be nice to just do whatever I please and not have to think about... anything at all.

Also: my room has a proper teakettle. I'm delighted. No sad mediocre microwaved tea this time. Brilliant. <3
Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 09:15 pm
Oof... there was some sort of enormous construction delay, and traffic was backed up, and the tl;dr of it is that I didn't get home until nearly 8PM. Geeze.

Upside: I was able to finish reading Patrick Gale's A Place Called Winter.

Quick take: This was a breezy read. I liked it. Would read it again, even. It'd make a good film, actually. Because of the premise, I was worried that it would have a tragic end, but that is not so; the ending is hopeful.

Now, a fairly realistic M/M novel set in Edwardian-era England and Saskatchewan is bound to have its parts that are painful to get through... and that can be said for this one. But there are also a lot of happy moments too. And, like I mentioned, the ending isn't a downer (or at least, not entirely).

Would I recommend it? Sure, especially if the time period/setting is appealing. While there is romance in it, it's as much historical fiction as it is a romance (if not more), and for me, the Saskatchewan bits were definitely part of the appeal.

The author isn't Canadian, but I think he must have travelled to Canada at some point, because the way he paints a portrait of it is just so very perfect.

A couple of short excerpts that I liked )


The character I fell in love with most was (as usual) not the central character, Harry Cane; rather it was Ursula, a two-spirit woman who shows up in certain parts and forms a friendship with Harry over time. We see just enough of her for me to latch on to, and man, I'm kind of tempted to write fic about her....

More about that (also, spoilers) )
Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 09:49 pm

I've actually been mainlining new (new to me, anyway) fiction like nobody's business. I had a lot queued up for the vacation last month, and for various reasons, I didn't get to it. Now I have. Some quick takes:

The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin is everything most reviewers have said. Very satisfying ending to a very dark, sad series. Happy was not going to happen, but hopeful *did*, and beautifully so. It was a positive ending that was most definitely earned. And I really loved the world-building all over again.

City of Miracles by Robert Jackson Bennett also ended its series well, if a trifle oddly. Alas, most of my favorite characters didn't survive. There were nods to all sorts of other works, including rather a lot of Terry Pratchett, I realized after finishing the book.

Murderbot: All Systems Red (novella) by Martha Wells was a lot of fun, about a snarky, introverted android that has circumvented its "restraining bolt" programming and becomes something of a sleuth+superhero on behalf of its humans. There are already three more Murderbot stories in the pipeline. Yay!

The Furthest Station (novella) by Ben Aaronovitch at first disappointed me because I didn't realize it was a novella. But viewed in that light, it was an enjoyable brief addition to the Peter Grant/Rivers of London series. The identity of the cute little tyke whom Peter encounters was absolutely no surprise to me, though.

The Gates of Tagmeth by P.C. Hodgell was OK. These most recent Kencyrath books have rather disappointed me. I respect Baen for acquiring and continuing this series, and even attempting to obtain suitable cover art in the last couple of volumes (although crap, I still think that even a casual persual of DeviantArt would turn up better choices), but holy crud, a good editor would have helped the last few a lot, I think. And Baen is not the publisher to supply that. Jame and her fated love still generate no heat that I can discern, sadly, and I wish PCH hadn't matched up Kindrie as she did. I like both characters, but not together. This makes me think of the manga Fruits Basket, where the mangaka seemingly decided that everybody needed to be matched up at the end, regardless of whether it made any sense. Also, poor Lyra is becoming a pawn of fate/God's chew-toy more than is necessary, IMO.

What Did You Eat Yesterday? vol. 12 by Fumi Yoshinaga continues Ken and Shiro's low-key relationship and Shiro's cookery. This volume seemed to have less melodrama/tension than the last few (nothing dire happens to either partner's family, for example), although someone makes Shiro a very interesting proposal ... and the results are both very funny and very realistic.

Ooku vol. 12, also by Fumi Yoshinaga surprised me because ... they solved the problem of the redface pox. And yet it is not the end of the series! I do have to say that in retrospect, I feel a little ... ticked off? that the solution comes under the reign of the first male shogun in ages (although his mother thinks she is still in control of things) and by the efforts of an exclusively male team (although they all constantly acknowledge the inspiration of the late lamented cross-dressing genius Hiraga Gennai, who was cis-female). That might not be a worthy way to feel, but that's how it is.

Reading Now

The Brightest Fell, which is the latest installment of Seanan McGuire's October Daye series. Speaking of people who are chew-toys of the divine: Toby continues to be messed with physically and magically, over and over. I do have to say that one of the events had me going "Oh, no, not again."

Sunday, August 13th, 2017 07:45 pm
Dear Trick-or-Treater:

Thank you so much for signing up to write a thing about a fandom and characters I love! I am ridiculously easy to please when it comes to people writing me things. Seriously, just make me something based on any of my requests and I’m sure I’ll love it. So--aside from the Do Not Wants--please feel free to ignore the rest of this letter. It’s really only here to give you inspiration if you don’t know what to write, but if you have your own ideas already, please go wild with them. One of the fun parts about somebody making things for my prompts is when they come up with things I would never have thought of myself.

So, about those Do Not Wants:

DNW (general):

-Long fic. Anything more than about 5000 words or so and I start getting anxious about reading and commenting in a timely fashion while still giving the story the attention it deserves, so I’d just rather you didn’t.
-Choose-Your-Own-Adventure/interactive/game-style fic
-Body image issues. I don’t mind brief mentions if it’s canon, but please don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on a character hating their body. (If you decide to go the trans hunter route, I wouldn't mind a bit more exploration of body image issues, but I would still prefer it not to be the main focus of the story.)
-It-was-only-a-dream type endings
-Tuuri returning to life essentially unchanged

DNW (smut):

-That thing where one or more of the people involved doesn’t know what sex is or realize they’re having it
-Religion kink--like, naughty nuns and priests and what have you (Sex with gods/while being a god is OK though)
-One partner calling out another’s name during orgasm

General likes: I really like all kinds of fic, from silly fluff, action and adventures and worldbuilding to smut and hurt/comfort. Feel free to take it darker, too: violence, character death, betrayal, consent issues sexual and otherwise, bad things happening to characters I like AND characters I like doing bad things. I’m open to different POVs and tenses, and unusual fic formats like poetry and epistolary/documentary fic.

A brief and really not exhaustive list of story elements I especially like: Comfort after a nightmare, self-sacrifice, loyalty and trust issues, elections, platonic bed-sharing, hugs, language geekery, communication issues, breakups (either the kind where the original relationship is eventually patched up, or where the people involved manage to forge a different but still mutually satisfactory type of relationship afterward, or where nothing is okay again and everything hurts), ethical dilemmas, food porn and food preparation, parenting/childcare, exploration of canon-appropriate religious themes.

If you want to write me smut, here are a few of my (many) favorite kinks: D/s dynamics, informal kink negotiation that feels true to the dynamic of those particular characters (although under-negotiated kink or the assumption that the negotiation has taken place offscreen are also a-ok), magic/superpowers/highly advanced technology or whatever unique features of the setting or characters being used for sexual purposes, improvised restraints and sex toys, blades, slicing/tearing off clothes, fingers in mouths, loyalty kink, trust kink, praise kink--especially the kind where the praised party is somewhat reluctant or embarrassed to accept the praise (creepy praise kink like e.g. in scenario where a rapist praises their victim for being good while threatening them is also great), one or more participants not getting off during the scene but enjoying it anyway, semi-public or outdoor sex, awkward sex, situations where different participants have different understandings of what’s going on (as in, A thinks the sex is consensual but B is actually mind-controlled, or A is putting on a show for C, who unbeknownst to B is watching the whole thing, or A thinks it’s a casual hookup but B is in love and afraid to mention it because they don’t want to ruin what they’ve got, or whatever.) In general, I like a lot of weird stuff (and vanilla stuff too!) so if there’s something you want to write, unless I’ve specifically DNW’d it, it’s probably okay.

A note about art: I’m not requesting art for this exchange just because I didn’t want to come up with another set of prompts, but art treats are always loved and appreciated! A few things I like to see in art: the kind of character portrait where a lot of thought has gone into details of clothing, hairstyle, etc even if nothing in particular is happening, loose sketchy comick-y things that illustrate a character moment or interaction. I also like things that incorporate text and images in various ways, like calligraphy, comics, maps and diagrams, and I’m really fond of watercolors and Art Nouveau-inspired stylings. Also, for the book fandoms I’m requesting, illustrations of any scenes with these characters would be awesome.

And now for the specific prompts! Like I said, feel free to ignore these if you have a different idea, or mix and match them with my general likes however you want.

The Shrine/An Argument - Fleet Foxes (Music Video)

You can watch this video here! It’s only eight minutes, totally worth it.

The Ungulate

What this looks like to me is that the ungulate is the sole survivor of a massacre, and they are on a quest to avenge their people, and the wolf and humanoids and serpent-creatures are their enemies. I'd love to see the whole background of that fleshed out, especially the ungulate’s relationship with the creature whose severed head they lick at the beginning--were they lovers or parent and child or comrades or rivals or what? The whole bit after the serpent pulls the ungulate down into the water is ambiguous and full of possibilities, too. Is it a vision the ungulate sees while drowning, and what does it mean? Who is the humanoid who emerges from the ungulate’s body after it’s ripped apart--another representation/form of the ungulate’s personality, or a separate person altogether? I am intrigued by the idea that, whoever they are, they're the one telling the story. Does the way it ends mean triumph or failure for the ungulate, or some combination of both?

The Heroes of Olympus - Rick Riordan

Note: I haven’t read the Trials of Apollo books yet, but I don’t mind spoilers.

Original Hunter of Artemis

I’m interested in stories about the Hunters of Artemis from mythological times right up to the present day, or even in the future (hunters of Artemis IN SPACE?) What might have led girls from different societies and places to join the hunters, and how do such a variety of girls from different backgrounds get along together? Are there tensions between hunters of mortal and demigod origins and nature spirits--how about hunters who are monsters: harpies, cyclopes, sirens? Is the society of the hunters different under Thalia’s leadership than under Zoe’s?

I'm also interested in the possibility of trans girls becoming hunters, whether they're contemporary girls or if they come from societies whose constructions of gender might be different from modern Western ones. Do they find unconditional acceptance with the hunters or are there tensions? What form would the Blessing of Artemis take for them (I imagine it might vary based on the individual)?

Original Zhang Character(s)

I'm interested in the whole sweep of history of the Zhang family, from the time the legion arrived in China through their forming relationships with the local people, mythologies, deities and spirits, through Frank's branch of the family coming to North America and afterwards. I'm also curious about Frank’s meeting with his ancestors, which was kind of hurried past in the books.

I like all the Zhangs we've seen--Emily, Frank, and Grandma--and would be happy for any or all of them to make an appearance, but I'd like a focus on the original characters.

Lou Ellen

I love Lou Ellen’s cheerful, twisted sense of humor, and I really want to know more about her background. What was she doing during the Titan war? If she fought with the Hermes cabin and the rest of Camp Half-Blood, how does that affect her relationship with her siblings, most of whom fought for the Titans, and were only granted amnesty after the war? Or alternatively, if she fought for the Titans, how does that affect how she gets along with the rest of the camp, especially her fellow head counselors? Or was she a lone half-blood surviving with her wits and magic who took no part in the war and was thus an acceptable compromise to both sides? What relationship does she have with Alabaster, if any, and is she still in touch with him?

I ship Lou Ellen with Miranda Gardiner based on their like two lines of interaction in The Lost Hero, and despite the fact that we know basically nothing about Miranda. So if you want to write me anything with them I’d be thrilled.


Please write anything from Hylla and Reyna’s backstory! Their childhood in Puerto Rico, how they found Circe’s island and started working for her, fighting pirates together. How and why did they come to part ways? Anything about how Hylla became queen of the Amazons, or a slice of life of a would-be world conqueror, would be great too. I’m kind of upset about how casually Rick Riordan killed off most of the Amazons and Hunters, and I'd love to see Hylla and Thalia team up and go to the underworld to get some of their fallen comrades back. (Or even just a soft-AU where things weren't as bad as looked. It doesn't count if we never saw the bodies, right? I don’t insist on fix-its, though, if you had something more canon-compliant in mind.) I ship Hylla with her right-hand warrior Kinzie, and I'd love to see loyalty kink with them , or just plain kink. I like the idea that Kinzie, who can be aggressively flirty with guys, always comes home to Hylla--or even brings the guys home to Hylla to share. (If you do decided to go this route, please use whatever other characters strike your fancy in this scenario, or OCs--it's all good!)

Uplift Series - David Brin

Gillian Baskin

So you know how some people consider Kirk or Picard or whoever their captain? Gillian Baskin is my captain. Write me a story where she’s being awesome and captainly please? Something from Streaker’s missing years--either one of the dramatic episodes hinted at in the books, like the escape from the Institutes at Oakka, or else a smaller, more downtime sort of story (in three years, there must have been some, even on Streaker.) Or else, does Gillian manage to semi-retire after the series the way she intends? Show me her working on treatments and therapies with Emerson, finding a publisher for Alvin’s journal, having drinks and swapping stories with Helene Alvarez and Jacob Demwa, and acting as an honorary grandmother to dozens of baby dolphins.

Stand Still Stay Silent


One thing I don’t want for this exchange is a post-chapter 15 scenario where Tuuri returns to life essentially unchanged. I would be happy to get something from before chapter 15, whether it’s anything from the family backstory, an encounter with the supernatural that young Tuuri had in either Saimaa or Keuruu--maybe she did try to steal a boat at some point, and Ran Into Something?

Alternatively, I’d love Tuuri’s adventures in the afterlife, interacting with the Swan of Tuonela or any of her dead relatives, having some cake with Pastor A or geeking out academically with the author of the info pages. Tuuri returning to the world of the living as a ghost, spirit, goddess, animal, or undead creature of any sort would be great too. I’d especially love Tuuri to appear to help her friends/family just when everything seems lost, or helping guide Sleipnope/the ghosts to the afterlife.


I’ve been loving the speculation about there being something off about Reynir, whether it’s that the boat that he first wakes up in in the dreamworld is an indication that he’s an escapee from the afterlife, that he’s actually somehow Árni Reynisson, or my own pet theory, that he’s the “It” who’s looking for the Hotakainens--when Onni first encounters Reynir he thinks he’s a hostile spirit, and he says that “It” is looking for them but Reynir is the one who actually finds them. One interesting possibility about any of these situations is of Reynir doesn’t know it himself, and thinks he’s exactly who he says he is. How does he find out the truth, and what does he do when he does?

I ship Reynir with Tuuri and with Onni--under most circumstances I would say or, but I find myself intrigued by a scenario where, if Reynir is someone who can move between the world of the living and the world of the dead in a perhaps somewhat Persephone-esque fashion, then Onni is his living lover and Tuuri is his dead lover.


As with Tuuri, I'd be happy to see spooky/sad Hotakainen backstory, and feel free to include Tuuri, Lalli, or any other relatives as well. The idea that Onni might become a kade in the wake of Tuuri's death is intriguing, or if you want to take his reaction in a different direction, that would be great too.

Like I said above, I ship Onni with Reynir, and if you want to mix and match dark supernatural prompts for them--kade Onni/undead Reynir?--that would be awesome. Or something angsty where they have to work through all the stuff that’s happened recently, successfully or otherwise. Or maybe they could have a supernatural adventure together, or have a reunion with Pastor A?

I’m also really interested in what Onni’s relationship with Taru is like. I get the impression that Tuuri and Lalli didn’t remember her from before the mission, but Onni might have. What memories of her does he have from his childhood? What has it been like living in such close quarters with her for the mission, given his resentment but also that she’s the only one he can easily talk to? I have this idea of the two of them traveling back to Finland together post-mission, the only two survivors of their family … how would that go?


If you’d rather write about Taru without Onni, she’s probably Seen Some Shit as a strategist for the Finnish army, and I’d love to read about any spooky encounters she might have had. Or something with Trond or Siv and Torbjörn--how did they meet? Under appropriately scary circumstances? (Did any of them literally fall into her bed?)

Author of the Info Pages

I’d love to see the research that went into writing any of the info pages, whether it’s encounters with various kinds of trolls, or attempts to reclaim lost souls, or the Finnish afterlife.

The author of the info pages is a mysterious character, and it would be great to see an original take on them--but there are also several fan interpretations floating around already whose adventures I’d love to see more of, and happily their creators have given permission for other people to create things about them if they want. Kiraly’s Rúna is from the Dreamworld Ladies series, wavewright62’s Jens is from Suddenly Illuminating the Night and Talimee’s Arndis is from Väinämöinen's Land.

If for some reason you want to stalk me, I am dead easy to stalk; I'm minutia_r (or occasionally minutia-r) all over the internet: LJ/DW, AO3, tumblr, deviantart,, and probably one or two other places I don't recall off-hand.

One last note, I would just like to say that I have already gotten some incredible stories for some of these prompts, and I am only requesting them again because a) I am greedy and want MOAR and b) I think there are new directions they could be taken in and other things about them to explore! But if you are one of the people who already wrote any of these, please know that I love you and your gifts.

Thank you! You are awesome, I am really looking forward to seeing what you make for me, and I hope you get great stories and/or art out of this exchange, too!
Monday, September 11th, 2017 09:37 pm
I picked up a MUFE palette a while back, and it's only recently that I've been experimenting with it a bit.

More about that )
Monday, September 11th, 2017 08:42 pm

So the Mr. stopped by Snyder's (quirky local non-chain grocery) on the way home to lay in a supply of cottage cheese (he's picky—he only wants Axelrod's and Snyder's is the only place that has it). This is also where he gets me my vanilla Silk soymilk because Whole Paycheck has decided they only need to stock their own yucky chalky soymilk.

He usually gets his frozen treats there too: Haagen Dazs dark chocolate ice cream bars and perhaps a pint of local Moorenko's bittersweet chocolate ice cream. But this time he came home with a new Moorenko's flavor, so new that it's not on their website: Oh Snap!

It's very tasty: a strong baked-ginger flavor, strong enough to tingle a spot on my tongue where a pepper from some leftover palak paneer had already sensitized things.

Have you had an interesting ice cream flavor recently? Tell me all about it.

Monday, September 11th, 2017 08:29 pm

Old fave from one of Putumayo's eclectic collections:

L! I! N! N!

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 10:07 pm
You know it's time for bed when you accidentally put the relationships in the characters field... Maybe it's best to just, like, not let me near Ao3 ever. (Or maybe I could get some proper sleep for a change -- nah.)

Today was utterly nasty. Windy and cold and rainy all at once. I took one look outside, and decided to not even bother going out or anything, because it looked seriously unpleasant. (And now I feel like a lump, but, well. That's how it goes.)

Finished my letter* for [community profile] trickortreatex. You guys should all consider doing this one~ I love this exchange so much! Mmm, that bite-sized minimum wordcount. Delicious. :D

Leaving for vacation this Friday... Aahh! It'll be nice to go somewhere, even if it's somewhere I've been before - well, Victoria is always nice. Haven't decided what to do when I'll get there, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. Though, considering so much of the Pacific coast is on fire, I'm a little worried about smoke. Not physically, but well - ugh, I'll just deal with it somehow if I see/smell it, I guess.

On an unrelated note, I made a crustless quiche thing yesterday, and it turned out really good. ...I had supervision for it, but eh. At least it turned out. ~Learning experience~ and all that. We were going to do another one of my recipes from that book of Fruilian cooking, but we took one look at the time/temperature suggested for baking the frittata, and were like "... this seems off". Sooo... we used one of mom's recipes instead. I might dump it here later - going to have to look for the card first.

Dziady etc; pagan stuff )
Sunday, September 10th, 2017 04:32 pm
Dear Trick or Treat creator:
Hi! I'm really looking forward to what you're working on for me. I bet it'll be awesome. :D I've tried to provide a lot of possibilities in order to give you an idea of what I'd enjoy - but I'd be pretty happy with almost anything. There is no need to adhere strictly to my prompts; run with them in whichever direction you would like. As long as you don't hit anything on the Do Not Want list, we're good!

Requested medium: Fic or Art (all fandoms). Requested genre: Treat or Trick (all fandoms). Ao3 username: yuuago.

Questions/comments/requests for clarification are welcome. *Letter subject to change - I might add more prompts or another fandom later.

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