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Community Rules

Most of the rules for this community are pretty intuitive. Even so, please read them before participating.

Community Content

✻ All posts must be related to Stand Still, Stay Silent or A Redtail's Dream.

✻ Community posts with 18+ content must be labelled 18+ or NSFW in the header. Community-locking it is optional, not required. Using Dreamwidth's Age Restriction options when posting is optional, not required.

✻ The community default is CNTW, or Choose Not To Warn. That means that outside of noting 18+ content, warnings for content are not required, though individual posters can provide warnings if they want to, including CNTW as a warning in itself. In other words: read at your own risk. If you are looking for a community that allows 18+ SSSS/aRTD works, but restricts extreme content, I suggest SSSSForum. (Note: users must be over 18 and have 12 posts in order to apply to view the Restricted board)

Community Interaction

✻ I don't want to police this community strictly, and I'm sure that you all don't want me to do that either. So, please try to be reasonable toward one another. Keep in mind that you might encounter something that is not to your taste. Respect that what does not appeal to you might be appealing to someone else.

✻ In the discussion post, please keep your conversation on topic. A bit of drift is okay, but keep the main focus on SSSS and aRTD, please. Blatantly off-topic comments will be frozen/screened/deleted.

✻ If there is a problem, please inform the mod by posting a link to the relevant post or comment in the Mod Box. This will be assessed as soon as possible.

✻ The mod reserves the right to change the rules as needed, and to freeze/screen/delete things as needed. Please take care to monitor your own behaviour and ensure that this will not be needed.

Posting Guidelines

✻ Comic discussion should go in the Discussion Post.

✻ Fanwork posts that are not fic/fanart are permitted. Don't feel that you need to restrict yourself to those forms only. Meta/icons/fanmixes/edits and other types of fanwork are all encouraged.

✻ All fanwork must go behind a cut. If you don't know how to cut your posts, please read this FAQ entry.

✻ Image posts are allowed a 300x100 preview image outside the cut. Icon posts are allowed 3 100x100 icons outside the cut.

✻ Please use the Post Subject to indicate type of fanwork (fanfic, fanart, FST, etc).

✻ Please use the following header when posting fanfiction or fanart -
**Content notes: This field is optional, because the entire community is Choose Not To Warn. You can leave it out, or provide content notes, or mark it as CNTW according to your tastes.

✻ For other kinds of posts (icons, fanmixes, etc) feel free to use a header that includes only the information you feel is relevant - number of icons + characters, or title of fanmix + number of tracks, and so on.

✻ Tag your posts with the relevant fandom (Stand Still Stay Silent or A Redtail's Dream), characters, pairing, and fanwork type as applicable. If the tag you need does not exist, please leave a request in the Mod Box.
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When posting fic, do we really have to include "Author" in the header? I mean, you can see who is posting it. Personally, I would feel really silly going meeeeeeee.
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Awesome XD Thanks~